HIP Check: Equity, Learner-Centered Pedagogies, and Student Employment.Ascending into an Open Future: The Proceedings of the ACRL 2021 Virtual Conference, April 13-16 2021 (Chicago: ACRL, 2021): 321-29.

“The friction between the values that inhere in Freirean pedagogy and NACE competencies—between being able to question and transform the status quo and measuring up to corporate norms—points to an acute equity-oriented issue in how to frame the purpose of student employment as an educative practice. But it also suggests that the very elements of employment that appear to be in tension with the practices and aims of active, learner-focused, anti-hierarchical pedagogies actually provide highly contextual and applied opportunities to reflect critically on inequitable structures of work and learning. Navigating between Freire and NACE, libraries must carefully evaluate how to articulate the aims and learning outcomes of student employment; how to manage the basic logistical processes of student employment; and how to reconceive roles, responsibilities, relationships, and hierarchies within our organizations around student employment.”

Training Matters: Student Employment and Learning in Academic Libraries.In The Library With The Lead Pipe (July 2020).

“Conceiving of student employment in academic libraries as an educationally purposeful experience requires adopting a learner-centered pedagogical approach to student employee job training. Adopting such an approach is triply beneficial: it makes that job training more effective; it identifies training as an opportunity to pursue learning goals that support the growth of students as information literate critical thinkers; and it emphasizes the distributed nature of teaching and learning in the library, pointing to the need to support supervisors of student employees as educators and learners themselves. Focusing on the pedagogy of workplace training for student employees thus provides a point from which to redefine the community of learners the library supports, and disrupt hierarchical distinctions among the library’s many teachers and learners.”

Developing a Pedagogical Approach to Training Student Employees in Access Services.InULA Notes: Indiana University Librarians Association 31:1 (Spring 2019): 6-9.

“Our aim was to ensure that student staff provide patrons with consistently excellent service, and that we provide student staff with the necessary tools, skills, and knowledge to meet and exceed the requirements of their position. Training is a crucial point at which the needs of patrons and the needs of student employees intersect, and careful attention to developing an effective training program thus benefits those on both sides of the Service and Information Desk.”